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Your Opioid Addiction Clinic.

Watauga Healthcare your Addiction Medicine Clinic

Here at Watauga Suboxone Clinic we are dedicated in treating patients who are suffering from addiction to opioid drugs in Johnson City, TN by utilizing the latest treatments, including Suboxone. Our mission is to employ the up-most comprehensive medical knowledge and recognized standard of care to aid our patient's quest to be as free from drug addiction as possible.  We pursue to avoid diversion of prescription medication for illegal use by creating and inspiring an environment in which physicians, staff and patients understand the effects caused by illegal drug use and are committed to its prevention. In providing our services, we will show the up most respect for the privacy and personage of every patient and hope to receive respect in return. We will foster a sense of responsibility and self-respect in our patients by encouraging each to be faithful to the goal of overcoming drug addiction and by the patient taking personal responsibility for the cost of our services. We will do all of this with courtesy, fidelity to our mission and in compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations.

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You don't have to deal with opioid addiction alone. Watauga Healthcare can help you get your life back!

From your first telephone call you can expect to be handled with respect and understanding. once you decide on our health facility you'll be given an appointment with a treatment team. The team will include a medical doctor, a Masters level Counselor and a Case supervisor, all trained in drug dependency. Your team will be accountable for your care the whole time you're with any of our clinics. Contact Watauga Healthcare Clinic today.